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Al Nada Rotomould Tanks Installation Requirements


1- The Base, where the tank rests on, should be level without inclination. It should be free from protrusions that may damage the bottom of the tank. It is recommended that the base should be a concrete one. Base sizes are shown in the table.
2- There should be an opening to serve as ventilation source for the tank and as a way out for the extra water in case of failure of flat.
3- The pipes or spigots connecting the tank to the distribution net set should be fitted with supports so that the tank would not be affected at the part where the pipes are fitted.
4- The bolts fixed to the tank should not be screwed too hard so that there would not be pressure on the tank, which may damage it.
5- Insulating rubber should be fixed after bolt has been screwed and the cogged edges should be wrapped with Teflon, which prevents water leakage.
6- Holes are to be made using a fast electric drill N.C. No sharp instruments are be used.
7- Guarantee will not be applicable without following the foresaid condition of filling.